Thursday, December 11, 2014

Disney Movies as Horror Films Quiz

This is goofy, challenging, and pretty much a perfect time waster.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Disney Female Character Analysis

Results: much like their cartoon ducks, Disney's women rarely wear pants.

They're also white orphans with no discernable responsibilities outside of sewing, singing, and hanging out with their non-human sidekicks. But you already knew that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jurassic World Trailer

This movie is going to be awesome. Also there's a scene where rampaging dinosaurs chase guests past a Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, so there's that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney's Most Popular Princess is Not the Fairest of Them All

Buzzfeed counts down the Disney princesses in order of popularity based on a reader survey. Disney should take note of this...especially as concerns their Snow White obsession.

Yeah, I know it was their historic first film...but like I have commented here before, the movie doesn't hold up at all and modern audiences have very little connection to Snow White. There is certainly more connection to the dwarves, which I guess is why it made sense to switch from the dark ride to the mine train at Walt Disney World.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Pixar Theory

The genius thing about this is that it's absurdly preposterous and obviously not "real" but the argument is so thoroughly laid out that for awhile you actually believe everything the guy is saying. Then, you know, it ends and you know it was ridiculous but you also want to watch every Pixar movie in "chronological" order like those Godfather trilogy compilations and search for clues.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Maelstrom Gets Frozen

"The new attraction, which replaces Maelstrom, will take our guests to Arendelle and immerse them in many of their favorite moments and music from the film. The pavilion will also include a royal greeting location where Anna and Elsa can meet our guests. We think these “Frozen” elements are great compliments to the Norway Pavilion, which showcases the country and region that inspired the film."

Big announcement from Disney today making waves online as the company finally made it official: a Frozen attraction will replace the Maelstrom in Epcot's Norway pavilion. There was no further news on the move like a timetable for the change or any info on if this will simply be a layover or if it will be a complete overhaul. A layover would be like the additions of Nemo to Living Seas or the Three Cabaelleros to El Rio Del Tiempo and would likely be something like Frozen characters giving a tour of Norway. This, quite frankly, would probably suck. But it could also be done much much quicker to appease the Frozen-starved masses. A new attraction, on the other hand, could be a very welcome investment on Disney's part into World Showcase, a neglected part of the Resort for years.

That having been said, there are many angry over the decision. Both the usual qualms about Disney replacing an old "classic" with something new and trendy and from those who like World Showcase as an adult area fairly untrampled by Disney characters and screaming kids. Now, as someone who has "drank around the World" and will often dedicate an entire day of vacation to just exploring World Showcase, I can see their point. But the flipside, like I've said, is that Disney might be investing money, REAL MONEY, into World Showcase for the first time in forever (yes, totally intended.) Maybe this leads to more improvements and general overhaul.

I do certainly hope Disney has the foresight to wait until after the Christmas season to shut Maelstrom down. Because that gobbles up lots of people all day. They certainly don't need to make Epcot lines even longer during the busiest time of year. There is also always a chance that they shut it down now for a cheap overhaul open in time for Christmas. This could also be a pretty terrible plan since Food & Wine Festival season is now, making it also a bad time to close an Epcot crowd guzzling attraction and since, as I mentioned earlier, an overlayed ride would blow.

Most importantly, ALL Disney has said on the "Frozen to Epcot" front is that it is happening, there will be music from the film, and it will end in a Meet & Greet. So we won't know the whens, whys, or hows until a later date. Let the speculation and squabbling continue!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Disney Afternoon Revisited

Thanks for going ahead and making me all nostalgic, D23. Now I'm going to have to fire up my Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck DVDs (yes, I have them!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pixar's Inside Out = Cranium Command

So Pixar is making a film version of Cranium Command. Thought you might like to know.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today in "The Internet"...

Because of course the School Bread from the Norway pavilion has it's own Twitter account. I mean OF COURSE it does.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Scary Pics of Discovery Island

Most everyone has seen the urban explorer pictures from inside River Country, with the park being all over grown and dilapidated. But check out this link for some freaky pictures of inside Discovery Island. WTF is going on in that picture with the mason jars and Coke bottle. And the cages! And vultures! Crazy stuff.

Also, if you ever get a hankering to go visit these places yourself...DON'T! It's a really really bad idea. Just so you know.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Whatever you do this Halloween, don't check into a haunted hotel on the dark side of Hollywood.

After all, you never know what kind of vacancy you'll be filling. And speaking of vacancies, if a home filled with 999 happy haunts tells you that there's room for 1,000...DO NOT volunteer!

And if you're out trick or treating tonight and come to a house occupied by a "Ghost Host" of a "swinging wake" featuring some of the most evil Disney characters of all time, maybe don't attend!

Then again maybe you should! It's not so scary after all!

Happy Halloween! Trick of treat, smell my feet, give me some Dole Whips to eat!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Movie Review - Toy Story of Terror!

The Plot: Taking place after the events of Toy Story 3, in this installment Bonnie and her mom take a road trip to her grandmother's house. En route they get a flat tire and need to spent the night at a motel. Spooked from a scary movie they had been watching earlier in the trunk of the car, the toys become concerned for Mr. Potato Head, who has ventured out of their suitcase to find some free toiletries to bring back for Hamm. (Nice touch.)

The main bulk of the movie centers on Jessie who winds up alone in the motel when the rest of the toys are picked off one by one by a mysterious creature, including the Combat Carl action figure she encounters along the way. It turns out the mysterious creature is an iguana who has been trained by the motel's owner to steal toys and knickknacks that he turns around and sells online.

After overcoming her fear of boxes and with the help of Carl, she rescues Woody from a delivery truck and frees the other toys just in time to be seen by Bonnie and her mom and reunited for their return to Grandma's house.

The Good: Kids will positively love this installment that throws these beloved characters into a fun little Halloween tale. It has action, comedy, and plenty of Pixar meta-humor all neatly packed into a half hour. Devoted Toy Story fans will appreciate the various call backs to the films including Woody's sale for an exorbitantly high price (as we've established how rare the doll is), the appearance of Combat Carl (the doll Sid blows up in the first film), and Jessie's previously unexplored PTSD from being left in a box for years. Mr. Pricklepants constantly pointing out how what was happening mimicked the plot of a horror film was some well executed humor too.

The Bad: It certainly could have stood to be longer. There was some good potential for plot development but other than the focus on Jessie it goes unexplored. I suppose this was logistical as well. It has to be a lot easier to get Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to sign on for a TV special when it's a half hour of work voicing 3 or 4 lines each.

The whole plot of the toys getting stolen to be sold was kind of tired as well since we already saw it in Toy Story 2. And the owner training a lizard to do his dirty work was a little too much "stretching the imagination" even for a movie with sentient toys. I thought it would have been better if the danger had all been in the toys' imaginations so at least that way you teach kids a "don't be scared of the dark" type lesson. Instead the lesson is "don't stay at a motel cause an iguana might steal your shit."

Random Notes & Nitpicks:

  • I loved the interplay and distaste between Potato Head and Pricklepants. ("If anything happens to the Potato...I want to see!")
  • The person who bought Woody was, in fact, Al from Toy Story 2. Poor guy got foiled again.
  • There is a tombstone for Simon Paladino during the horror movie the toys watch. This is a reference to The Incredibles, adding further flame to the "every Pixar movie takes place in the same universe" fire.
  • It was a little annoying to see that when kidnapped and presuming to never get home again, Potato Head didn't care at all about possibly never seeing his wife again (though, it would probably be within his character to feel that way, haha.)

Final Thoughts: Should you watch this? Sure! It's absolutely not worth going out of your way to find but it's a worthy addition to the Pixar catalog and well worth your half hour. Plus the kids will love it for sure and probably want to watch it all year long.

Rating: *** 3/4

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jingle Cruise Announced
The Jungle Cruise rides at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disneyland will become the "Jingle Cruise" for this holiday season, Disney announced today.

For the holiday makeover, Disney will decorate the attractions' waiting areas with holiday ornaments, the boats will get new holiday-themed names, and the skippers will get a bunch of new holiday jokes to add to their repertoire.

I like to imagine that this idea came about when some Imagineer joked in a meeting "we should rename the Jungle Cruise the Jingle Cruise!" Still though, I think it's actually a pretty neat idea. I would have never considered doing a Christmas layover in Adventureland but it makes almost perfect sense. Can't wait to review it once it opens.