Tuesday, June 18, 2019

So About That Annual Pass...

 The price structure as of today, June 18, 2019 is: 
Disney Platinum Plus Pass (includes 4-Park Hopping, water parks, and more, with no blackout dates): $1,219Disney Platinum Pass (includes 4-Park Hopping, with no blackout dates): $1,119Gold Annual Pass (for DVC members and FL residents only): $699.00Silver Annual Pass (FL residents only): $529.00The most recent previous price (for non-Florida residents) for the Platinum Plus Pass was $994.00, with the new rate representing an increase of $225.00. The Florida Resident price increased to $999, up $150 from the previous $849.

So after a day of good press surrounding the announcement that AP previews for Walt Disney World's Galaxy's Edge are coming, Disney delivered this whopper overnight. Annual passes up around $200 a pop. It's a roughly 40% increase for a standard pass from 2007 when I got my first AP. Since 2012, the highest level of pass has increased a whopping 57%. Time to sell that kidney...

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