Thursday, April 16, 2009

More on Layoffs (Correction from Earlier)

More on the Interpark story noted earlier:

The Orlando Sentinel originally broke the story in late March.

A later report from the paper noted: "The Walt Disney Co.'s domestic theme parks eliminated 1,900 jobs during the past six weeks — including 1,400 in Florida — the company acknowledged Friday.

The nationwide job losses included approximately 1,150 layoffs, 50 buyouts and the elimination of 700 open positions, the company said. The Florida cuts included 900 layoffs and buyouts and 500 vacant jobs that will go unfilled.

The vast majority of Disney's Florida work force is at Walt Disney World, though the company also slashed jobs at other operations in the area such as Disney Vacation Club and at a reservations center in Tampa.

Disney said the cuts, which are mostly complete, targeted executive, management, professional and administrative positions. The company would not say how much it expects to save through the moves."

Therefore my initial report that the 1,400 jobs would all be front line cast members was incorrect. It remains to be seen exactly how many of the jobs were of management as, despite Disney's assertions that the cuts were only aimed at jobs that would not effect guest experience, it seems unlikely that 1,400 such jobs existed to be cut without, at least, some adverse effect on the park's normally smooth operations.

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