Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few years ago I started writing attraction reviews for my personal blog, website, and the Intercot discussion boards. I was never satisfied with the way any of them worked and the way I was able to promote them. At the beginning of this year I stopped posting to the website and began exploring Blogger as a possible solution to that problem.

"Walt Disney World Traveler" was born of those efforts. Here, I have the ability to post reviews as well as news, opinion columns, and other Disney related items. My hope is to make it both an outlet for reviews and creative ventures as well as a place to bring together highlights from the many great Disney websites, podcasts, and other media.

I owe a debt of gratitude to many amazing sites out there including Intercot, which will always be my true Disney home online, All Ears Net, WDW Magic, and The Disney Blog, as well as many many others. I hope not to draw people away from these sites but rather to send people to them through blog updates.

This might seem a little clunky written down but in execution it should make perfect sense. This is why I've started a "soft opening" phase for the site, just like any Disney attraction. Over the course of this "soft opening" I plan on updating the site just as I will when it is operating normally. This should be able to let me work out any kinks, get feedback from my friends and readers, and drum up a little publicity before I actually start putting everything into the site.

For now, I hope you will check it regularly, comment on any posts you find interesting, and give me any feedback you wish. Thanks!

- NT3

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