Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News From Around The World

Figment at the Intercot Discussion Boards is reporting that the Rip Tide Lounge at Disney's Beach Club Resort will be converted into an additional seating area for the adjacent Cape May Cafe.

WDW Magic is reporting that the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios has ceased serving breakfast at least for the time being.

Orlando United as photos of the new Vinylmation figurines for sale at the parks.

All Ears Net is reporting via their weekly newsletter that Osprey Ridge Golf Course will be closed until June 11 and, as a result, Sand Trap Bar & Grill will have a modified schedule, opening from 11am to 3pm during the week and closed on weekends during that time.

ZapperZ at My Disney Mania has a great tidbit on what Disney marketing calls the "halo effect" for companies that sponsor attractions. I could make jokes here but I'll pass.

Finally, the Orlando Sentinel has an update on Kris Allen filming the "going to Disney World" commercial that we posted here last week. This one here I won't pass up making fun of. Check out the picture. Did he really need a placard to help him remember that line? It's five words.

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