Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News From Around The World

Not much in the way of news this week outside of the wild and wacky Fantasyland rumors.

WDW Magic is reporting that Animal Kingdom Vice President Val Bunting has been promoted to head Port Orleans Resort and Downtown Disney & Transportation Vice President Kevin Lansberry has been promoted to take over as Animal Kingdom Vice President. So yes, after the month they've had the Vice President of TRANSPORTATION got a PROMOTION this week. I wish I worked at Disney.

Both water parks closed yesterday after hitting capacity. It was 91 degrees yesterday but let's all find a way to blame the free dining plan for this!

WDW Magic has some photos up of the drained Fountain of Nations at Epcot that apparently CAUGHT ON FIRE awhile back. Does ANYBODY have pictures of this?

WDW News Today is reporting that the installation of new marble in the Grand Floridian Resort's lobby is expected to begin this week.

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