Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Wait...What?" - The Oregon Ducks

I consider myself at least a casual fan of college sports so, of course, I know that the University of Oregon's sports teams are known as the "Oregon Ducks." It wasn't until today, however, that a Mickey Extreme report brought to my attention the fact that the mascot is Donald Duck.


The report, citing a Mail Tribune story, note that "it all started in 1947 when then-university Athletic Director Leo Harris and Walt Disney shook hands on an agreement allowing the school's sports teams to use Donald Duck's image as its fighting duck mascot."

I looked it up and sure enough, as you see above, it really IS Donald that is used at the school's mascot (though the much more often seen logo is the traditional "O" seen here.) The mascot appears different from the Disney version of the Donald "costume" seen at Disney theme parks, however.

"Incidentally, Donald Duck was made an honorary alumnus of the University of Oregon during his 50th birthday celebration in 1984," the story goes on to note.

Yet another piece of evidence that no matter how hard you try, you can never know too much about Disney.

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