Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Wait...What?" - The World Showcase Wine Walk

No matter how much information we think we have at our disposal, every once in awhile we learn something new about Walt Disney World...

Today I noticed a post on The Disney Food Blog about something called "The World Showcase Wine Walk." Initially I dismissed it, assuming it was one of the many features of the Food & Wine Festival which, while excellent, is not something I will be able to personally experience this year. I went ahead and read it anyway and boy was I surprised.

As it turns out, this event may be offered year-round at Epcot but only promoted during the Food & Wine Festival. Wait...What?!?

The way it works is, you go a select shop in either the Italy, Germany, or France pavilion and pay $20 for a "passport" that allows you to sample six select wines, two from each country. I know what you're thinking and the answer is "yes." Disney has actually taken the concept of "drinking around the world" and made it official.

If they make a "beer walk" ("beer stumble?") then you'd better believe I'm making a b-line for the World Showcase on my next visit to Epcot.

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