Monday, November 30, 2009

News From Around The World

Just a few odds and ends to report following Thanksgiving week.

Crowds are returning to normal manageable levels today with things moving more towards the "empty" column throughout the week. I've been getting my crowd information over the holiday from Touring Plans new "Lines" iPhone app that they're offering for free right now during beta testing. If you don't have an iPhone you can download Apple's Safari browser for free and check it out there. It's well worth it if you're insane like me and like to see Walt Disney World wait times while waiting at home. You can also help keep food on Len's table by paying to use his website like me. Trust me, you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you do (and no doubt be about 10 bucks poorer.) In a somewhat related note, approximate wait times have returned to Walt Disney World mobile. That or they were there all along and I couldn't find them because, as established earlier, I'm insane.

The Daily Disney reports that apparently Vanessa Carlton was recently banned from the Eat to the Beat concert series for muttering the "f word" on stage during her performance. Quite possibly the only thing I'd love more than being able to perform on stage at Walt Disney World is being banned from doing so.

The Disney Blog has a small update on the Space Mountain changes. Check out the picture of the mannequin wearing the new Space Mountain t-shirt. I guess in the future everyone dresses like a tool.

Figment at the Intercot discussion boards notes that character attendants and greeters have changed their costumes to light blue shirts and khaki pants, one can only assume in an attempt to appear more like normal human beings.

Jaunted reports on the Thanksgiving travel rush to say...there's really nothing to report. Everything went well, there were minimal weather issues, and no crazy delays. Bummer?

Today's "random thing to be outraged about": Disney not allowing a paraplegic to use a fancy two-wheeled wheelchair at Animal Kingdom. Mickey Extreme has the whole article.

I got a chance to catch "Behind the Magic: Disney Holidays" on HGTV last night and it was shockingly one of the better presentations I've seen in awhile. It went backstage in the warehouses where they keep the Christmas decorations, showed the over night decorating of the parks and had specific features on decorating the Cinderella Castle Suite, the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights, and the castle dreamlights. The host was a little annoying sometimes but at least didn't seem like an all out shill for Disney. In fact, they shied away from the usual "spotlight the new big thing" formula that these shows usually take on. That having been said, if I have to see one more feature on the Grand Floridian gingerbread house on one of these specials, I'm going to scream. If you missed it, it airs next at 3am Friday December 11 (late night Thursday) with a few more airings around Christmas.


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