Monday, March 15, 2010

News From Around The World

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Good news for people with oodles of money and vacation time on their hands. Disney announced this week an annual pass good for every domestic park, Florida and California. The "Premier Passport" is good for admission to all 4 Florida parks, both California parks, the water parks, DisneyQuest, and Wide World of Sports plus the usual parking and other pass-holder benefits. It can all be yours for $700.

Maybe that will appease the fans who are angry over the announcement that this year's D23 expo is off. That was pretty much the only reason to be a member of that club, wasn't it? They're having one next year though and will have a two day "destination event" at Disneyland this year.

The Sherman Brothers were honored with a long overdue window on Main Street at Disneyland. The window reads "Two Brothers Tunemakers." It's located on the beginning of Main Street near the Cinema.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, at the company's annual meeting, said that he has no plans to release Song of the South on DVD. He went on to call it "fairly offensive." Not offensive enough to not base a theme park attraction on, but apparently offensive nonetheless.

A cast member was hospitalized over the weekend after an accident at the Tomorrowland Speedway. I don't have many details but as best I can tell the cast member was struck by one of the cars and the injuries were not severe. Not that I ever wish for people to get hurt, but I'm kind of hoping this is just one of many reasons Disney will have to eventually shut this eyesore of a ride down.

Random wacky story of the week. Apparently Disney has partnered with a bunch of designers and high-end retailers for some absurdly extravagant Alice in Wonderland tie-in products. Among them are $1200 Versace shoes, a $630 Sue Wong gown, a $475 Furla handbag, and $115 Swarovski pendant. If you own any of the above items, please seek help.


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