Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nightly Nostalgia - 1993 Vacation Planning Video

Some of you might remember a while ago I posted about the guy who did the voice-overs on the 1993 Walt Disney World vacation planning video. As it turns out, this is indeed the same guy who does liners on 107.3 The Eagle, Tampa Bay's classic hits station.

More importantly and of more interest to all of you, however, is that the folks at Progress City have actually dug this video out of mothballs and posted it in its entirety from YouTube. It absolutely must been seen to be believed.

It has basically everything imaginable from Walt Disney World in the early 90's, not just the hip 3 or 4 rides you get in today's videos. Plus awesome testimonials from real guests. There's rednecks, British people, crazy 90's clothes and hairstyles.

Yet the craziest thing about this video? I remember that you had to BUY IT at the Disney Store! (At least I did.) Yes, you had to SPEND MONEY for this giant advertisement. And as I suspect many of you did too, I never regretted it for a second. Those were the days, hah?

I posted the first part below. The full video is here.


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