Friday, June 11, 2010

World of Color

Just caught the World of Color premiere streaming live from California Adventure (well, as much as I could without the wonky stream cutting out.) Since everyone seems to be interested in it tonight, here's some thoughts...

The Good:
  • The entire use of the technology is amazing. It has to be a breathtaking spectacle in person and hits a homerun in that regard.
  • The opening and especially the finale are very well done. I didn't know where they were going by leading up to the grand finale with Mufasa's death scene but the whole Belle kissing the Beast deal leading into the princesses made it worthwhile.
  • Also loved the Pirates of the Caribbean scene and huge props for including WALL-E!

The Bad:
  • What was with all the comedy clips? I thought this show was supposed to be about the goosebump/chill/teary eye moments. Sure there were plenty of those but did we need the wacky caterpiller from A Bug's Life?
  • Why were people soaked after the show? Is this Sea World? Do we need to remember to bring ponchos to the show?
Basically everything using the film scores and orchestral arrangements was excellent. In fact, I think they should have gone the Illuminations route here and just forgone most of the movie clips (especially the comedy!) and used only songs but mostly orchestral stuff. I'm talking Night on Bald Mountain, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformation from Beauty and the Beast, instrumental arrangements of the love songs, etc. They could all combine for an amazing score to a fireworks show...or, in this case, a fountain/fire/laser extravaganza or whatever they're calling it. I understand why they use the video clips, and don't get me wrong those are really cool, but I think they went a little overboard on what some people were calling "Disney trailers on a fountain."

I'm definitely thinking it's the kind of show that's way more amazing live in person but based on what I saw tonight I'm thinking we're hovering in the **** 1/4 range. In other words, not as good as anything currently running at Walt Disney World...but, ya know, still better than almost anything else in the world.

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