Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts on Memories and Stuff

So earlier today Disney announced by far their weakest promotion ever (OK, not quite as weak as that Magical Gatherings thing) titled "Let the Memories Begin." The whole idea is that memories happen every day at Disney and those memories need to be celebrated, or encouraged, or reinforced, or I suppose (as the title suggests) that they need to begin. I'm probably being a little harsh because I expected Disney's announcement to be, you know, an actual ANNOUNCEMENT and not just a rehashing of news we've all known months ago.

Anyway, there was one bright spot in the whole deal, that being the new fireworks feature with the photos from the day being displayed on Cinderella Castle. That has the potential to be pretty cool...of course I don't know how it will work with the whole story of the fireworks.

In addition to the picture thing they announced what we already knew about Star Tours, what we already knew about the resort in Hawaii, and what we already knew about California Adventure and the cruise line.

So anyway...let the memories begin...or something.

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