Friday, December 17, 2010

The blog, it is a changin...

Well folks, I think it's time to give this old blog a revamp.

Basically, when I started things, I set my goals WAAAY too high and as a result was never able to keep up with updating the blog to my liking with news, refurbishment info, etc. And let's face it, there's tons of other sites people can go to for that stuff.

So from this point forward, consider WDWorld Traveler, simply a blog with my thoughts on whatever the news of the day is, reviews, and all of the fun, wacky, creepy, and nostalgic (often all at the same time) Disney related stuff I discover across the web. I never wanted this to be the traditional Disney blog...and I'm not going to let it become one.

As part of this little "re-branding" I'm going to be merging some of my Facebook and Twitter accounts so that instead of following this site, you can follow me the blogger. It'll be way more interesting that way.

Now...hang onto them hats and glasses folks, cause this here's the wildest ride on the internet!

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