Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Royal Caribbean Teaming with Universal
Just saw this article from Orlando Attractions and it piqued my interest a bit. Universal teaming with Royal Caribbean is a great idea, in my opinion. While Disney is still the standard in theme parks, they definitely trail Royal Caribbean and Carnival in the cruise business. If the marketing is handled correctly, this could be a great coup for Universal to attract some of the land/sea park/cruise crowd from Disney. Plus the Tampa port is much more convenient than Port Canaveral. It offers visitors an extra convenient option to fly in and out of as well as more of an allure for longer vacations (beaches, Busch Gardens, etc.) rather than trapping them in the Disney theme park to cruise port itinerary.

The half park and half cruise vacation doesn't really interest me but I know of people who have done it an love it. This certainly seems like great news as a new option for them.

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