Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UPDATED: President Coming to Disney

There are some very vague rumblings going on about President Obama and family possibly visiting Disney later this week. A presidential Disney vacation could be a very interesting thing for us to watch unfold on the inter-webs. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE (8:30pm):

As it turns out, things will be a little more boring for us bloggers as the visit is more of a footnote curiosity. Unless you're actually interested in U.S. State Department policy. The president will be making a policy speech from the front of Cinderella Castle on Thursday at noon, rumored to be the announcement of easing state department travel visa restrictions. So it's not a Disney vacation for Sasha and Malia or a grand birthday fireworks display for the First Lady's birthday as was initially rumored this morning. Still kind of cool though.

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