Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pirates Full Circle

In the most unintentionally hilarious news I've heard in a long time, things have finally come completely full circle today for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride spawned a film series. The film series was incorporated into the ride. Now the film series has spawned a ride. Yes. A ride based on a film based on a different ride.

The news comes officially from Disney today that "The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow" is coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It will be a walk through similar to the show it replaces, the wacky Narnia thing that I never bothered to visit. It will be an "immersive experience" that I assume ends with a Sparrow meet and greet. It will also make that section of DHS ungodly busy if it is actually a success and hoardes of people rotate between it and Toy Story Mania all day long

Still though...I think I need a flow chart to figure out what inspires what in the Pirates attraction world these days.

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