Monday, July 30, 2012

Bah Humbug?

From NBC News...

So before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about this one, let's remember something. Disney didn't tell a guy with a long white beard that he couldn't come into the parks. And they probably wouldn't have even made him take of his Santa Hawaiian shirt and red sneakers with green laces, as ridiculous as that is, if he hadn't also been POSING FOR PICTURES AND SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS at the same time!

I also like how he said that he wouldn't tell people that he was on vacation and couldn't pose for pictures because "Santa wouldn't do that." Come on guy! There's a line somewhere between being eccentric and delusional. I would maybe have some sympathy for him if he wasn't PRETENDING TO BE SANTA CLAUS!

Anyway, clearly Disney is in the right here. They even gave the dude free clothes and return tickets. Though I see he wonders if "the same thing will happen next time." Well maybe not if you leave the Santa outfit at home!

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