Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Disney World on Friends?!?

In our second piece of Disney World related television news today, I stumbled upon an article from TV Guide with one of the producers of Friends (one of my favorite TV shows of all time,) talking about the show's blu-ray release. Therin I found this tidbit of info that I'd never ever heard of.

After the interviewer asks if there were any episodes that never came to fruition, producer Kevin Bright responds: "The one that never got made was a Disney World episode. Joey gets a summer job at Disney World as one of the lightbulb people in the electrical parade. Basically, he meets the girl who plays Cinderella and has an affair with her, but doesn't ever get her real name. She has to leave suddenly because she has to get the costume back by midnight or they're going to fire her, and all she leaves behind is her bra. The idea was the bra was going to be the glass slipper. Unfortunately, it wasn't a story Disney World was looking to get shot on location. It was a little too racy for them, but it would've been fun to take the friends to Disney World."

Umm...YEAH it would have been awesome! Phoebe discovering there is a person portraying the characters, Ben forcing Ross to ride Space Mountain, Monica obsessing over touring plans and priority seating. The possibilities are endless. After seeing how awesome Modern Family was at Disneyland, I'd have given anything for this Friends episode to actually happen.

In hindsight the Ross/Rachel drunk Vegas wedding storyarc was probably better for the show in general but without it this would have made a great season five finale. Or they could have easily plugged it into season nine when the show was dragging anyway.

(Edited to add that another possible storyline for the episode could involve Ross trying to sneak into the park, since it's already been established that Ross was banned from the Magic Kingdom for getting frisky with ex-wife Carol during a breakdown of It's A Small World.")

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