Thursday, October 1, 2015

44 Things I Love About Walt Disney World

Happy 44th Birthday, Walt Disney World! You've given us so many great attractions, sensational shows, amazing adventures, and a few stinkers too...but most importantly, so very many lasting memories. In honor of your 44 years, I present a list (in no particular order) of 44 little things I love about the Walt Disney World Resort.
  1. The "Welcome to Walt Disney World" sign (and the fact that they had to put up a sign next to it instructing people not to stop and get out of the car to take pictures of it ON THE INTERSTATE.)
  2. The fact that you can't see the castle as you enter the Magic Kingdom until you come out of the train station at just the right moment.
  3. Dole Whips
  4. Laughing and singing along to "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" at the end of Splash Mountain
  5. Hitchhiking ghosts
  6. When this happened at Be Our Guest...
  7. Everything about the TTA Peoplemover
  8. The music playing outside Epcot as you enter the park
  9. The perpetual twilight inside the Mexico pavilion
  10. Via Napoli
  11. Drinking enough German beers to seriously considering buying a $100+ stein
  12. Listening to the Candlelight Processional while walking on the promenade
  13. Shopping in Japan
  14. The fact that they painted the Tower of Terror to blend in behind the Morocco pavilion
  15. Impressions de France
  16. Drinking Boddingtons and listening to Hat Lady
  17. Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup
  18. "Anything can happen in the movies"
  19. Not knowing how many times you're going to drop on the Tower of Terror
  20. When the princess barges appear during Fantasmic
  21. Muppet Vision 3D
  22. The background music of Animal Kingdom
  23. Figuring out the backstory of the Kilimanjaro Safari queue
  24. Dawa Bar
  25. Eating in the farthest seats behind Flame Tree BBQ 
  26. Typhoon Lagoon's lazy river
  27. Marketplace Co-Op
  28. The fact that they now sell Starbucks in the parks
  29. When Mickey talks
  30. The fact that they pipe in the music if you happen to be on the Polynesian Beach during the fireworks
  31. Friendship Boats
  32. Renting a recliner at ESPN Club
  33. The big Mardi Gras masks in the PO:FQ food court
  34. The giant foosball players at Pop Century
  35. Plastic cheese (R.I.P.)
  36. The orange grove smell on Soarin
  37. Michael Eisner hitting the golf ball on Soarin
  38. When people tell you that the monorail is being built to go through the Dolphin
  39. The pool at Coronado Springs
  40. MagicBands (when they work)
  41. The distinctive trash cans
  42. Topiaries
  43. Giant Christmas trees
  44. "Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas"

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