Wednesday, April 19, 2017


In a story that I can't believe I am actually reporting as true, Walt Disney World is going ahead with the installation of a ski-resort style gondola system to transport guests around the area of Buena Vista Dr. and Victory Way. Namely between Epcot and Hollywood Studios with resort service to Caribbean Beach and Pop Century/Art of Animation.

Putting aside the fact that it sounds like complete and total fan wishful thinking and the absurdity therein, this makes sense in a number of ways. First it will go a long way in relieving congestion in this area of Walt Disney World property where it is not at all uncommon for cars and buses to collide with each other and traffic snarls to be maddening. Second and in more of a "big picture" sense, Disney World over the next decade is reportedly planning to rebrand many resorts and to shed the price-based value, moderate, and deluxe tags. The gondola system gives extra value for owners to buy into the reported DVC expansion at Caribbean Beach. It also provides a "deluxe" resort amenity to the Pop/AoA properties that could help justify an increased price for rooms at those resorts (that could hopefully, in turn, fund a renovation of rooms at the now slightly aging Pop.) If it proves successful and cost-effective, I could easily see construction eventually expanded to link Coronado Springs to the gondolas, as that resort is reportedly going to see the addition of a new "deluxe"-style section of rooms.

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