Monday, June 29, 2009

Hall of Presidents Preview Coverage

Odds are I won't be making it to the Magic Kingdom to preview the Hall of Presidents before it reopens from it's rehab on 4th of July weekend but thankfully my fellow Disney journalists from around the net have.

  • Jack Spence at All Ears Net has his report from Sunday up.
  • Robert Niles at Theme Park Insider has a few pictures from one of the preview events (including an ILLEGAL picture from inside the theater...tsk tsk.)
  • The Orlando Sentinel has a story on the attraction's reopening as well as a photo of some of the new President Obama merchandise in the gift shop.
  • WDW Magic has some photos from around the exterior of the attraction.
  • Disney also has out two official announcements. First on the attraction itself and second on the wonderful event they have planned for 1,000 immigrants to take the oath on Main Street and then visit the attraction over the weekend.

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