Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Wait...What?" - Rosie's Victory Garden

No matter how much information we think we have at our disposal, every once in awhile we learn something new about Walt Disney World...

I was prepping for this week's Blogosphere and I happened upon a post on The Disney Food Blog that mentioned a place at the Studios called "Rosie's Victory Garden."


Apparently there is a little garden back near Rockin Roller Coaster that continues the "golden age of Hollywood" theme of the park, giving it a World War 2 twist. It's a victory garden, much like what you would have found in the states during the war, and the theme extends to the nearby Rosie's All American Cafe food stand.

Never really heard of or, for that matter, seen these places. Thought I'd pass it along. You can read about them from The Disney Food Blog here and here.


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