Monday, December 14, 2009

Online Check-In

As I mentioned before, I'll be heading to the World over the weekend (and posting live all weekend long on our Twitter page!)

Today Disney sent me an e-mail about their new "online check-in" service. I assume this service is available to everyone. I figured "why not?" and went ahead and filled in the information. It's the basic name, address, credit card info, etc. They also take your estimated arrival and departure time and, in a nice surprise, room requests! Now don't get too excited. You can't say "1950's building facing the pool" or "room 2650" or anything like that. You are allowed to choose two vague things, I went with "near transportation" and "ground floor." I still plan on faxing in my actual request like I always would.

Overall this seems really simple and I'll make sure to update everyone on how the 2nd half of the process goes when I get to Pop Century on Thursday.


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