Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News From Around The World

The big news in Disney this week is the absolutely awful weather that's been around seemingly since Christmas. It's 55 in Orlando as I type this so, all things considered, it could be worse (like the other day when it snowed.) Things look to be getting better this weekend. If your trip was ruined by the awful weather and it's related closures (Typhoon Lagoon and Spirit of Aloha just today to name a few) remember that it could always be worse. Check out what happened at Disneyland Paris, courtesy of Disney and More.

Mickey Extreme has a note on the first "Give a Day; Get a Disney Day" guests. It's certainly an interesting promotion. It will definitely increase the number of people doing volunteer work and especially in the case of families doing it together hopefully give the kids a look at the lives of people who probably can't afford Disney vacations (and maybe even make them want to volunteer again without the theme park ticket reward.) Then again, I don't see how this promotion will make anyone want to go to Disney who wasn't planning on going already. With how expensive it is to go to Disney for, say, a week, I don't think a one day one park ticket for free is going to make or break someone's vacation budget.

From the "there's no such thing as a bad idea...except this one" department: Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer plan on remaking the Sorcerer's Apprentice as a full length feature film starring Nicolas Cage, at least according to SF Signal.

More music news this week from Universal. They've announced the concert schedule for this year's Mardi Gras celebration, second only to Halloween Horror Nights on the list of "only reasons to go to Universal." This year has some good ones and favorites of mine including Heart, 3 Doors Down, and Chicago. Also on the schedule, and write this one down for potential trainwreck, FLO RIDA! The Orlando Sentinel has the full list.

Here's a simply amazing deal for annual passholders. The Richard Petty Driving Experience is offering one FREE shotgun ridealong! Yes. You get to ride in a racing car for 3 laps around the track for free. I'm so sad that I won't be in the Orlando area before the promotion ends March 31. The Daily Disney has more details.

Prince Caspian has done his final...whatever it is he did, exactly. No less than a month after I made fun of his attraction and the fact that I have no clue what it's supposed to be, The Orlando Sentinel reports that it's closed. Think about that for a minute: I had seriously no idea what this was when I stumbled across it at the Studios last month, and I write about this stuff for a living.

Finally, congratulations are in order for Deb and the folks over at All Ears for the money they raised for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk over the weekend at the Walt Disney World Marathon. Also a shout out to all of our friends who participated in the marathon. I get out of breath walking to the mailbox so your hard work does not go unappreciated.


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