Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News From Around The World

The Disney Blog, citing WFTV, and a host of other sources are reporting on a bus crash near the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. There were a few minor guest injuries but overall the crash was nothing serious. It's just the next in a long line of transportation woes at the resort this year. I could rant about it but at this point, what's the point?

There's been a rash of arrests of Disney employees on child porn charges. This is obviously disheartening for Disney World but isn't especially shocking. Any big group is going to get a few bad apples and, unfortunately, Disney and children go hand in hand. Plus, one arrest usually results in a bunch of leads so when you get one in a big company it's not hard to quickly get the rest and that's what I have to assume is happening here. All that having been said, Disney should be careful to weed these folks out if they want to avoid a PR nightmare and, even worse, end up with someone abducting kids.

Tiana's Showboat Jubilee has been jubilant for the final time. Final curtain was last week. Rumor has it the show is being shipped to Paris though it's not out of the question that it will return to the Magic Kingdom at some time (stranger things have happened...not much stranger.)

The Disney Store is getting ready to renovate in Times Square. The Disney Blog has coverage.

There is a petition going around online to ask Disney to make a Lost themed attraction. It would be fun for us Lost fans, and I'd rather a Lost display at the Studios than a Prince Caspian one, but it's obviously not going to happen. They might have had better luck with the petition if they bothered to proofread it. As it stands now they are petitioning "Disnet." Even more so, everyone should be careful what they wish for. Next thing you know they'll open up Ugly Betty Land.

There's some theme park news for music fans. Busch Gardens Tampa released their "Real Music" concert series (you know, as opposed to the short lived "Fake Music" series) including Herman's Hermits, Davy Jones, and the 5th Dimension. (The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is still together!?!?) Meanwhile, Orleans will be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel on January 28. You like Orleans?

The Wrestling Observer reports that a "Hulk Hogan parade" was held January 3rd at CityWalk in the area of Margheritaville to coincide with the live "TNA Impact" show scheduled for January 4th at Universal. I'm SO sorry I wasn't able to see this.

It was brought to my attention that in the last update I called the Candlelight Processional "occasionally profanity laden." This was a mistake. The Eat to the Beat Concert Series is the Epcot event that occasionally includes outbursts of profanity. The Candlelight Processional only does when the candles accidentally light someone on fire or when Vanessa Cartlon hosts.


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