Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Hear It For New England!

Sure, there's some football player from New York grabbing headlines for his visit to Walt Disney World yesterday but let's face it, most of us fans are pretty sick of this guy and his team, aren't we? Or maybe it's just me (no way no how related to the fact that I'm a Patriots fan, nope no way.)

In this spirit today I will present the counterpoint to all the giant hoopla going on about that other guy...great ways to love all things New England and PATRIOTIC at Walt Disney World.

  1. The Hall of Presidents and American Adventure. Go watch them. All that red, white, and blue might be therapeutic...but then again, those colors are associated with another team too.
  2. Beer and clam chowdah. That's more like it. After the American Adventure, head over to the Liberty Inn or Fife and Drum for a Sam Adams. He was, after all, a brewer AND a PATRIOT. While checking out the HoP in Liberty Square, go over to the Columbia Harbor House for some NEW ENGLAND clam chowder...which won the Souper Bowl, by the way. (And also, why the heck isn't there any for sale in Epcot? Someone needs to hire me to redo the menus at the American Adventure restaurants.) If that doesn't work, throw in a lobster roll too. You can never have too much of that.
  3. If all else fails, check out everybody else in the park wearing clothing of other football teams and remember that it could be worse! ;)

No, I'm not bitter...not at all.

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