Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beers Around The World: China

Now join me in my weekly training session for my April visit to Walt Disney World when I'll be attempting to "drink around the world" at Epcot. Each week a new country; a new beer.


What It Is: From the second largest brewery in China comes Tsingtao, probably the most well known and recognizeable Chinese beers in the United States. It's a pilsner with a bit of a hop kick that shares a lot in common with the popular import "European" beers like Heineken.

Why You Should Drink It: There's not a heck of a large selection of Chinese beers and 9 times out of 10 Tsingtao is what you're gonna get. If you think it tastes more like a European beer that's because it was brewed under the German purity law until only recently when some rice was added to make the beer cheaper to produce. So basically this is a good pilsner with a little bit lower quality than the best versions. (Like Heineken, somewhere in between an authentic German pilsner and a Budweiser.) It's nothing special but it's a tasty easy drinking beer to enjoy a quarter of the way around the loop.

Trivia: Tsingtao is all you're getting in Epcot's China...unless you run into a Tsingtao Pure Draft. It's the same beer only unpasteurized. Kind of like an MGD to a Miller High Life. Also, that's actually a Tsingtao Pure Draft in the picture above.

My Grade: B

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