Friday, March 23, 2012

Beers Around The World: Germany

Now join me in my weekly training session for my April visit to Walt Disney World when I'll be attempting to "drink around the world" at Epcot. Each week a new country; a new beer.

Altenmunster Dunkel

What It Is: It's a German dunkel. Of this I'm sure. I'm not certain of much else, as a Google search led me to the brewery's website, which was entirely in German. I also couldn't even find this listed with the "produkte" of the brewery, as I can only assume it is seasonal, discontinued, or that I can not, in fact, read German. The most info I can figure out is that it might be around 5.5% alcohol. Also, I know from experience that it's delicious. If you ever have a chance to have a "dunkel" style beer on draft, take it.

Why You Should Drink It: Oh I don't know, besides the fact that's delicious? I know the Germany pavilion commonly switches out their beers. Chances are there will be an offering from Radenburger and perhaps one from Alenmunster. Try any of them. Beer is as authentic a German item as you can have and even if it turns out you're not a huge fan, you can still say you had a German beer while in fake Germany. It will be worth the $8 for the experience.

Trivia: If you would like to try to decipher the Allgauer Brauhaus website like I did, the address is

My Grade: A-

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