Monday, April 2, 2012

Beers Around The World: Italy

Now join me in my weekly training session for my April visit to Walt Disney World when I'll be attempting to "drink around the world" at Epcot. Each week a new country; a new beer.

Birra Moretti

What It Is: A slightly bitter European pilsner from the makers of Heineken (although the recipe has been brewed in Italty since 1859!) It is along the same lines as Heineken, similar to Carlsberg that we reviewed a few weeks ago. It's a slight bit darker with more bite than Peroni, the other Italian beer commonly found in the U.S. You can find it throughout the Italian pavilion at World Showcase.

Why You Should Drink It: It's all there is in Italy, unfortunately. If you're indiscriminately drinking around the world then you should definitely go with a wine or a belinni in Italy...but Moretti isn't an awful beer to be stuck with. It has flavor, it's got a good refreshing bite, and it pairs really well with Italian food, so if Italy is going to be your lunch stop you won't regret washing down some $40 pizza with this one. ALTHOUGH, if Via Napoli really is where you imbibe on your journey around the world, you should read our trivia fact.

Trivia: There is one other Italian beer available in World Showcase. Only at Via Napoli can you buy Moretti's other variety: La Rossa. It's a dunkel, I've never had it, and apparently it's very limited in the U.S. and Via Napoli is certainly the only place in Walt Disney World to get it.

My Grade: B-

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