Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Animal Kingdom News to Make You Puke

From "The Disney Blog"...
The Orange County Health System and Walt Disney World report that a stomach bug was causing violent illnesses in many guests who just just been on the [Wild Africa Trek}...

While contracting a bug on vacation is not all that common, it’s not unheard of either. All it takes is one sick person touching a common surface and that other guests then interact with. Even that’s not enough, it turns out guests who went on the ‘Wild Africa Trek’ but used either hand sanitizer or frequently washed their hands, did not develop the symptoms.

Since learning of the outbreak Disney has added extra hand sanitizer stations and performed a thorough cleaning of surfaces and equipment and the bug has gone away. The County has also inspected the kitchens where the food for Wild Africa Trek is prepared and found no problems.

I just read something recently where the author said they were just getting over a sickness after the Trek. I with I could remember who or where.

Anywho, I think Disney should promote this! The "Wild Africa Trek" is so authentic that you might leave with a rare tropical stomach disease!

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