Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pixar Presents...SEQUELS!

From "The Disney Blog":
Recently some rumors (though some sources are calling it fact, but you can never tell with Pixar) came out stating that Finding Nemo 2 was being made under Andrew Stanton’s direction and that Toy Story 4 was in the works as well. After these two stories broke, Twitter was a buzz. The non-Pixar/Disney die-hard fans were super excited to see their childhood come back to the big screen, starting with Monsters University next year. Everyone else…not so happy. Multiple fans came out and bashed Pixar saying how they are falling into a gutter of un-original ideas and creating sequels that aren’t needed.

My take?

Finding Nemo 2 isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The first one was exceptional and doesn’t NEED a sequel but it is certainly open for one. I have no idea how they could manage to bring back the beloved characters in a non-contrived way but I’d be willing to let Pixar roll with it and see what happens.

Toy Story 4, on the other hand, is incredibly unnecessary. I’ve gone on record as calling TS3 the most perfect conclusion to a trilogy ever made and I see no reason why they should (pardon the pun) toy with it. I would love to see those characters again but I just don’t see where they could go with it that will be remotely as satisfying emotionally as Andy playing with his toys one last time before going off to college. I still get teary TYPING that sentence.

I think people are just overreacting because Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Monsters University all hit in a very short time-span and now they’re hearing about two more sequels without realizing that there are 3/4 movies coming out in the meantime. This will die down as it plays out.

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