Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DisneyQuest Finally Closing


Disney announced this week that they are finally pulling the plug on DisneyQuest, the "indoor interactive theme park" that was in theory the showpiece of the Downtown Disney West Side, when it opened with an allegedly separate identity from Pleasure Island and the Marketplace way back when those were, ya know, things.

I'm not especially surprised to see this relic go as I've yet to encounter any real live people who actually went there. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it has a cult following somewhere and a mere cursory glance at the Disney interwebs should yield a community of people who are mourning its demise but I'm not one of them. Was it a Dave & Busters, was it a park, was it an arcade? I was never really certain and Disney's marketing, somehow both vague and grandiose, never really explained it to me.

The Disney World completest in me is kind of bummed that I will never get to say I went there and get to review the various rides (rides? games? attractions? what were they?) inside. That having been said...ya know, whatever.

It kind of makes sense that places like these need to get bulldozed before Disney Springs really comes to life. (Did I ever mention how much I hate that name though? Disney Springs? What is that? Where they get all the water for the parks from?) Though rumor has it there is some kind of NBA Experience going in there which should be a success at least to the level of the All Star Cafe at the Wide World of Sports.

The Art of Disney Animation is closing at Hollywood Studios too. I will choose to either applaud or jeer this depending on whatever they announce to replace it. Like it could be a new ride or show (yay!) or it could be an empty building they only use on Star Wars Weekends (boo! hiss!)

Just don't try to take pictures of any of this stuff with your selfie stick, please.

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