Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Review - Mousejunkies

I recently picked up Bill Burke’s “Mousejunkies! Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix” off Amazon after stumbling upon the Boston Herald’s article on it.

Through personal stories and anecdotes from Burke and his fellow “Mousejunkie” travel partners, the book gives an overview of the exceptional (and in some cases the extremely unexceptional) attractions, eateries, and resorts around the World. Think of it not as a guidebook but as a conversation between fellow Disney obsessed friends.

This book is definitely not the first guidebook anyone should pick up on Walt Disney World. While it touches on all of the major planning questions (when to visit, picking a hotel, buying tickets, making priority seating) it is not the place to go for reviews or descriptions of each and every spot on property. That having been said, it makes a great companion for the slightly more experienced traveler, perhaps one who has made one or two trips to the World and is itching for a little more insider information and an idea of what they may have missed in the past. It’s also an outstanding companion for the very experienced Walt Disney World fan, who Burke would refer to as a fellow Mousejunkie, and one that will bring to many the enlightening realization that they are not, in fact, alone in Disney addiction.

Perhaps the book’s greatest attribute is Burke’s excellent humor and lighthearted tone. Many times he had me in stitches for reasons including his story of a disastrous Disney cruise to various mentions of the Mousejunkies’ love of buffets. I don’t want to spoil much but I’ll share some example of the lighthearted tone spread throughout the book:

“The Magic Kingdom is made up of several uniquely themed areas: Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Liberty Square, and Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Unofficial sections include Get Me Out of This Insane Heat Before I Pass Outland, If That Kid Kicks Me Again I’m Going to Screamland, and I’m Not Waiting in One More Lineland.”

And, on Epcot’s San Angel Inn: “the presentation looked as if a hose filled with a mixture of mud and beans was being fired at the plates from across the kitchen.”

“Mousejunkies” is filled with great tips for Disney visitors of any experience, from the best and worst times of year to visit to the best and worst bathrooms. Plus Burke goes into detail on one experience that is often left out of guidebooks: Disney’s fishing excursions. If that’s something you’re interested in doing then the book is indispensable.

“Mousejunkies! Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix” retails for $16.95 from Travelers’ Tales. It’s a really great and easy read. Pick it up for the next flight to Florida.

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  1. Great review. Really looking forward to this one.