Thursday, August 20, 2009

Note on Rip Ride Rockit

As you probably know by now, the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster is officially open at Universal Studios Orlando. I would love nothing more than to give you a review of it but I won't be in the Orlando area until at least early October and then my main order of business is going to be Toy Story Mania and American Idol Experience.

That having been said, I can usually offer something of a "rough" review by watching a video of the ride on YouTube. The trouble with doing this for RRR is that the roller coaster experience is so subjective to g-forces, the smoothness of the track, the integration to the surroundings, and with this particular ride the soundtrack and lighting effects. None of this stuff transfers to video the way it does for a dark ride. This is why I have no problem reviewing the new Spaceship Earth on YouTube but am very reluctant to do this one.

Sorry guys. It's going to be awhile before you get any kind of review of this one out of me.

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